Work Moments

After finishing the language portion of an assessment and halfway through the phonological awareness testing a boy smiled slightly at me and said, “Know what I’m good at? Math.”

I made him smile wider when I told him that math had always been hard for me.

Today was an assessment day so we did not get to have one of those A-ha moments that come during therapy.  I’m really not sure how I felt when he shared this tidbit with me, but I do know that he was proud when he did better than me on the math game on the iPad we played at the end.

**edited to add** as soon as I hit publish I managed to inhale/choke on my coffee.  I am in a borrowed office so I didn’t want to spit everywhere.  I have to drive home and this is a nice blouse (yes I said blouse) so I definitely didn’t want to spit on myself. What did I do you ask? I spit it all back in my cup (because I’m classy like that.)

The coffee was delicious. Almost tempted to still drink it.

I’m kidding.

SLPeep Scavenger Hunt!

Greetings fellow speech lovers and my audiology lovelies! I’ve been gone awhile, busy busy as I’m sure you all are but NATURALLY we have to do something for Speech and Hearing Month.  This is open to all! (SLPeeps, AudPeeps, SLP and AUD 2B, organizations, businesses…)

I present….the SLPeep (and AudPeep) Scavenger hunt! It is similiar to a photo of the day (although some entries may not be photos) and allows the option for participants to “catch up” if they fall behind on posts.  There is an opportunity to enter 30 times, but each entry has to include @ndnspeechmom on twitter so I will be able to find them easily.  (Entries can be in the form of pics, links or informative tweets.) Prizes are TBA but I think there will be 3 prizes at least.

Be creative; use the 30 topics as inspiration for your entries.  It is always fun to see all the entries, I am looking forward to getting new ideas for apps, tx and resources.  I hope quite a few of you will enter, it will be awesome I promise! As always, businesses and app developers are welcome to enter and build relationships with the SLPeeps and the AudPeeps…we are a friendly bunch!

Happy May Month everyone.  Watch the blog for recaps of entries…and enjoy the ideas and information.